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Consign/Sell Pipes

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If you are “thinning the herd,” liquidating an estate or wanting to sell sound, quality pipes for any other reason, please contact me.  I will buy all or part of a collection or will sell pipes for you on a consignment basis on this website. 

Outright Purchase of Your Pipes

Although I do take consignments, I have come to prefer to purchase collections outright unless the collection is extremely large and high grade, making an outright purchase impractical.  In a purchase arrangement, I will make an estimate based on research and experience of what your pipes will sell for and will pay approximately 50% of that estimate.  You will receive your money at once and I accept all risk that my estimate is not correct.

Consignment for Sale

Before listing your pipes for sale, those which I judge to be worth more than $50 will each be thoroughly and expertly refurbished, including interior cleaning and sanitization and exterior cleaning.  The exterior cleaning includes tar removal from the rim, removal of oxidation from the stem, removal of other grime and the application of several coats of buffed-on Carnauba wax.  I also remove tooth impressions from the stem where it is practical and where the value of the pipe warrants the necessary time.  Pipes worth less than $50 will be lightly cleaned externally but internal cleaning will be for the buyer. Please remember that the process of restoring, photographing, measuring/weighing, listing, packing, mailing and accounting, can easily take two or three hours per pipe.

I reserve the right to combine low value pipes for sale and to decline to handle pipes that are in very poor condition or very low value.

My sales commission on collections consigned for sale will usually be 35-50%, depending on the average anticipated sale price per pipe. There is no additional charge to you.  Please contact me at 414-617-5458 to discuss your collection and the fee I will charge.  For very high grade pipes of significant value, I will charge only a 30% fee.  Upon receipt of a group of pipes, I provide the owner with an Excel spreadsheet which lists all of the consigned pipes and then regularly update the sheet as pipes are sold.  I normally pay the consignor his or her proceeds upon sale of all consigned pipes.  However, where a large lot of pipes is consigned, I am happy to make interim payments to consignors.

In general, I will sell your pipes in the order I receive them in relation to those of other consignors.  However, I reserve the right to sell consignors’ pipes in an the order that I feel will create an attractive mix of pipes for sale. 

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