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Estate Pipes Central Estate Pipes Central is the cooperative website of several of the most trusted, reliable estate pipe sellers in the country.  When you are looking for your next estate pipe purchase or simply researching prices, this site is where you will want to start.  Estate Pipes Central doesn’t sell pipes.  It provides quick links to your favorite sites and comfort in knowing that only the best estate dealers are invited to participate.


Walker Pipe Repair Mike Myers does great work!  Since he took over the pipe repair service formerly run by Dave Wolff as a part of Walker Briar Works, I’ve sent all my repair work to Mike and recommended him to countless pipe smokers.  Nothing that Mike has ever done for me has been anything less than perfect.  I recommend him highly.


Von Erck Classics - Lee Erck is one of America's great artisan pipe makers.  His style is instantly recognizable and his pipes are beautifully designed and executed.  Lee has developed a sandblasting style that rivals that of J.T. Cooke in its intricacy and beauty.  I have been fortunate enough to have been trained by Lee in the art and craft of pipe making.


Pipes, Logos and Markings - This is an amazing site!  If you’re trying to learn more about that mystery pipe you bought on Ebay, this is a good place to start.  There are good photos of nomenclature and stem logos of hundreds of different brands.  Don’t miss the special sections on Dunhill and Sasieni. 

John Loring’s Pipe PagesJohn Loring was one of the world’s authorities on Dunhill pipes and history and has written extensively on the subject.  This link will get you to his several websites, including one with photos of his personal collection.

Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine  - is a wonderful reference tool and even if you are already a subscriber, their website is a valuable tool.  There’s a link to an index of all of their issues which will help you locate that elusive article.  In the future, according to the site, subscribers will be able to access all issues online. 

Chris’ Pipe Pages - this site can be either a wonderful reference source or just plain fun to surf within the site.  There are fascinating old catalogues of dozens of pipe brands reproduced in full, tobacconists catalogues and other fun stuff. 

Pipediais a terrific site for the new pipesmoker or the old hand.  It’s a beautifully maintained wiki addressing every aspect of our hobby.

English Silver Hallmarks1736-1975 is nothing short of a magic decoder ring.  For Irish Silver Hallmarks through 1920, see


The New York Pipe  Club - This is one of more active clubs in the U.S. and has a nice, well maintained  website.  The Club meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday, and  welcomes visitors at their meetings and non-Yankee fans as  members.

The North American Society of Pipe Collectors - publishes a quarterly newsletter that is always interesting and sometimes controversial.

Fumeur de Pipe - is a wonderful French site dedicated to pipes, tobaccos and just about anything else having to do with the smoking and enjoyment of fine pipes, including pipe makers, literature and art.  There’s a treasure trove of information here.  There is no English version.


Walker Briar Works - Dave Wolff always has a nice selection of fine estate pipes at fair prices.  He’s also a great guy to deal with.


Uhle's Pipe Shop - Uhle's has been a fixture in  Milwaukee since 1939.  They've been selling their fine tobaccos all over  the midwest for years.  Hand blended at the shop, many are highly rated  in  Tobacco Reviews and well worth your attention.  The Tobacco tab on their  website will take you to a description of their many blends.  I've been  smoking one Uhle's blend or another for over 30 years and highly recommend  them.

Tobacco Reviews - has grown from a small web project to a very large database consisting of over 2,000 reviewers, 2,500 plus tobacco blends, and more than 20,000 individual reviews. 


Pipes Magazine has become the center of the pipe universe over the last several years.  It has the usual forums for all things pipe and also a weekly radio show with Brian Levine, articles and pipe cartoons

Pipe Makers Forumis the only online chat site for pipe makers

Smokers Forum is a very popular board.


Ken Lamb - makes and sells specialized tooling for pipe making such as two jaw chucks and pipe chamber drills. 

Briar Pipe Tooling - makes two jaw chucks and tobacco chamber drills.

J.H. Lowe - Great source for stems, rod and pipe repair accessories.

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